divendres, 23 de desembre de 2016

Middle of the story

Hello pupils, congratulations for the beginnings of your tales. It’s great. Let’s continue. Now, you must write the middle of other  TALE. You have to read carefully and continue the tale. Only the middle, you don’t have to finish it. You have to write in the document  at google DOCs that has been started by other school and save it.
You can do it from the 18th to 22nd of JANUARY.
Enjoy it

diumenge, 4 de desembre de 2016


Hello pupils, congratulations for your work. Now, you must write the beginning of a invented TALE. Only the beginning. You have to create a new document at google DOCs and save in a folder  named with the letter of your tale.
Here you can see some tables.PRIA, PRIB and ESO
You can do it from the 5th of desembre to the 22nd.
Good luck.