divendres, 23 de desembre de 2016

Middle of the story

Hello pupils, congratulations for the beginnings of your tales. It’s great. Let’s continue. Now, you must write the middle of other  TALE. You have to read carefully and continue the tale. Only the middle, you don’t have to finish it. You have to write in the document  at google DOCs that has been started by other school and save it.
You can do it from the 18th to 22nd of JANUARY.
Enjoy it

diumenge, 4 de desembre de 2016


Hello pupils, congratulations for your work. Now, you must write the beginning of a invented TALE. Only the beginning. You have to create a new document at google DOCs and save in a folder  named with the letter of your tale.
Here you can see some tables.PRIA, PRIB and ESO
You can do it from the 5th of desembre to the 22nd.
Good luck. 


divendres, 18 de novembre de 2016


Nice!!!! Marvellous. You have done a good research about tales on Pinterest.
From now to december the 2nd you can visit Pinterest, comment other pinboards and watch other school presentations.
You can send emails, post comments…

dilluns, 31 d’octubre de 2016

Thank you and second task.


Hello pupils, thank you for your presentations, they are nice, funny amb awesome. Congratulations. I want to welcome everyone.
We love your english and I think that you need more work. Are you ready? Then, we are going to start with the second task. You need a lot of english books about tales. The idea is to look, read, comment and choose one of them. Choose a tale that you like and make your comments. With this tale you must post a photo or picture un PINTEREST and make a comment. You can summarize, give your opinion or explain something interesting about it.


diumenge, 9 d’octubre de 2016



Welcome to this amazing English project!!!!!!
First of all, we must introduce our group to know better each other, using this interesting tool: VIDEO RECORDING.
With this tool we are going to explain things about us: who we are, where we live, what things we like and dislike....whatever you want.
When you have your english presentation , you should publish it in YOUTUBE or VIMEO.
Youtube and Vimeo have a tab where you can obtain an embed code that must be pasted in this English blog.

The second thing you should do is to write some comments in the blog. We have to wait the other schools  to publish their video and make your  comments.

To finish with this task, you must geolocalize  your town in google maps . To do this you must enter in the tab named “d’on som” and click on the map. There, you have to create a pin with the name of your town, add a nice picture and a little description of your city or village. 

From the 7th of october to 28th of october.

dimecres, 15 de juny de 2016


Construïm contes multimèdia en col·laboració.
T'hi apuntes?
Data límit per inscriure la teva classe
 7 d'octubre.